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When the Boss tossed everyone a large pile of assignments all due tomorrow, there’s not much choice but to stay Overtime. Everyone just wants to go home, and will make sure they are the first to do so!

In the game, players take the roles of office workers, trying to finish up their assignments and go home. Everyone starts off as an Average Joe, the ordinary white collar worker, but as opportunities present themselves, you can show your true nature by becoming those Employee stereotypes like the Office Buddy, the Slacker, or the annoying Energy Vampire! Be the first player to get rid off all your assignment cards to win: You can acheive this by working hard and honestly, or be shady and play foul by passing off your assignments to the other players… play the cards dealt to you as best as you can! Of course, everything happens under the watchful eye of the Boss, so plan carefully.

All players draw from the same deck of cards, managing the resources they get to work and rest during their own turn, and interfere with their opponents during the turns of other players. A players actions depend on their Employee type, as it defines their action limit, card draw and hand size. The more you work, the more tired you get, making it harder to complete your tasks without resting to recharge. But while you take a break, other might use the opportunity to hand out their assignments to you, so watch out, and keep a Boss card in hand to defend yourself.

Overtime is a satirical take on those all to familiar real life situations people regularly experience, but in the form of a fun and competitive race. The clock ticks down the turns, and if no player manages to finish their tasks by midnight, when the 8th turn ends, no one wins.

Tell a Tale

Tell a Tale is a party game for three to ten players, in which players use words from cards in their hand to make a story that correlates to the genre for each given round. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Using the Word cards in their hands, players need to create a book title and synopsis that fits the Genre revealed. Each card has a word that fits its category. A player can use up to five cards from their hands to come up with the title, as well as any additional words from the Genre card. The player can change the words into adjectives, nouns or verbs as needed, adding conjunctions, determiners, prepositions and/or pronouns they want.

The game provokes imagination, and is very good for learning a foreign language.

Finished games

Long way home

Friday, night in town. You’ve been drinking, and it’s time to go home, wife gets worried a lot… 

But what if…

Long way home is a game for 3-6 players ages 18+ about a drunk guy coming home from long night of drinking, and strange ideas coming to his mind. The players are those ideas in the drunk guys head, and they compete, making him to all of the hillarious stuff drunk people do.

It is action based game – each player selects action, and Drunkman does all of those actions. Each player has hidden goals, like kiss a girl, get into a figth with a cook, eat a pizza, drink tea, eat money, and if Drunkman does any of those actions, it brings points to the player who holds that goal.


Hexopoly is a strategical city building game for 2-4 players, ages 14+, that plays in 45-60 minutes. In the game, players taek roles of investors building and populating a new city.

Players are buying land, building houses, populating them with people, taxating those people, building trade centers, theaters and schools. 

Land gives players opportunity to play outside of their turn, the wealthier the land, more chance there is to get action out of turn, but more expensive everything is to build there. Players also need to take care of happyness of their population, by organizing theatre shows for them.

Angry Quest

Angry quest is a variation on Pachisi, a famous game, i which 2-4 players take teams of characters, each with different statistics and abilities and try to level them up, so they can defeat monster chosen at the begining of the game. 

Each character has it’s own abilities, and combination of characters can provide interesting tactics. Each monster changes map in some way, making it different playing experience. 

A poison apple

The Evil Queen wants a poison for the poison apple. But only the rarest poison based on a dragon’s blood will satisfy her needs. The only problem is, the last dragon alive was seen some thousand years ago… So she turns to a covenant of witches for help.

A poison apple is a game for 3-5 players, ages 12+, lasting 50-80 minutes. Players take role of the witches that compete to concoct most bottles of the rarest poison in the game (out of 3 kinds). While the total amount of poisons in the game is changing, the rarest type of poison also changes, so the winner is uncertain until the very end. When the 5-th bottle of any type of poison is made, the game ends, and only the rarest poison is counted toward victory condition.

Players will collect ingredients for the poisons from the game board by rolling dice. But ingredients are expendable and the sources will eventually dry up. So in time, it is harder and harder to collect new ingredients.

Players must discover rituals that can convert certain ingredients into a dragon’s blood, necessary for concocting the poisons. Players build their gameplay based on the rituals they have discovered.