Getting tired of working too hard?
Let someone else have a go at it for a while!

Enjoy a break with this satirical card game
for 3-6 players.

Funded through Kickstarter
with the help of 205 backers.

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The Roll-And-Write, Split-And-Choose meta-game of Board Game Collecting for 1-4 players.

Fill your shelf with the games collected at an auction, and score the most points for the best organized Shelf!

Launching on Kickstarter
in 2020!


The satirical office card game where work is the last resort!

Give away your assignments to your fellow colleagues and be the first to leave the office.


Dažbog Games

Dažbog Games is an association of board game designers located in Belgrade, Serbia.

We’re a small group of enthusiastic gamers and designers working to share our ideas with the rest of the community.