About Us


Dažbog Games

Dažbog Games is an association of like minded designers
working together to create and publish board games.

Though officially founded in 2017. the team has been working together since 2014 and individually on game design since before then. In 2018, we launched our first Kickstarter project for Overtime, and have been working to expand our knowledge of the publishing world ever since.

As board game enthusiasts and gamers ourselves, we work to create games we would consider enjoyable and fun. We can find our inspiration in almost any theme and idea, and toy with it until we are satisfied that the result is a game worth playing. We also host the Designers Hub event at our friendly local game store Astal, where we work with like minded individuals and/or aspiring game designers to help improve our collective designs and processes.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or insights at: 

office@dazboggames.com or pavle.ilijasevic@dazboggames.com

Thank you for visiting! Cheers and keep on gaming!

Thanks to Luka Tiliger for his help in making this website!