Kickstarter campaign for our game “overtime” is officially live! 🚀
We’ve saved you a few different prizes and some of them are time or the limited, so hurry up and secure your copy of the game on time! 

Other events

Designers Hub

In cooperation with Astal club, we are orginizing Designers Hub, every other saturaday, from 12h to 17h. Designers Hub is a gathering of board game designers where we can share our current projects, and help eachother.

Visit facebook page of the hub and find out when our next meeting is. 


Twice a month we are organizing playtesting events in local clubs all around Serbia – events where people can try the games we are working on, and we get feedback from many different gamers. 

Visit our facebook page to learn about upcoming event. It might be near you!

Essen Spiel

Each year we come to the Essen Spiel, sometimes with a table/stand, and sometimes just as tourists. In either way, you can arrange meeting, if you want to talk about our games, or just talk games.

Contact us if you want to meet!