3-6 players

Ages : 12+

30-45 minutes

Overtime is an interactive card game for 3-6 players, in which you, the players, are stuck on a Friday evening at work with your colleagues you “love so much”. You have to finish all of your assignments before you can leave work, and your goal is to be the first one done, so you can go home and enjoy your well-earned weekend. To complete your assignments, you can either work hard and complete them honestly, or play dirty, and try to hand them out to your “dear” colleagues to finish them for you. The choice is yours!

In the game, players take the roles of office workers, trying to finish up their assignments and go home. Everyone starts off as an Average Joe, the ordinary white collar worker, but as opportunities present themselves, you can show your true nature by becoming those Employee stereotypes like the Office Buddy, the Slacker, or the annoying Energy Vampire! Be the first player to get rid off all your assignment cards to win: You can acheive this by working hard and honestly, or be shady and play foul by passing off your assignments to the other players… play the cards dealt to you as best as you can! Of course, everything happens under the watchful eye of the Boss, so plan carefully.

All players draw from the same deck of cards, managing the resources they get to work and rest during their own turn, and interfere with their opponents during the turns of other players. A players actions depend on their Employee type, as it defines their action limit, card draw and hand size. The more you work, the more tired you get, making it harder to complete your tasks without resting to recharge. But while you take a break, other might use the opportunity to hand out their assignments to you, so watch out, and keep a Boss card in hand to defend yourself.


Included in the base game are:

  • 120 main deck cards (the white backed cards)
  • 30 Assignment cards (the black backed cards)
  • 6 starting Employee cards (The Average Joe/Joanna)
  • 6 reference cards
  • 1 time counter card and 8-sided die
  • 1 6-sided Work die
  • 40 Snooze tokens

How is it played?

The Overtime is the first of our games to go to Kickstarter. Kickstarter campaign is coming near the end of October, so tune in, there will be more news and events!