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Overtime is an interactive competitive card game where you take the roles of office workers trying to finish their assignments and go home. Finish your tasks by either working hard or by passing off your work to the other players to finish for you. Be the first player to get rid of their assignments to win!


• 165 cards (69×83 mm)
• 6 starting Employee cards (one for each player)
• 6 Reference cards
• 30 Assignment cards
• 122 Action deck cards
• 45 cardboard tokens
• 1 custom 8-sided die
• 1 custom 6-sided die

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All players draw from the same deck of cards, managing the resources they get and using Action cards to work and rest during their own turn, and Reaction cards to interfere with their opponents during the turns of other players.

Players actions depend on their Employee type, as it defines their action limit, card draw and hand size. Each player starts the game as an Average Joe, the ordinary white collar worker, but as they draw more Employee cards, they have the opportunity to change their role in the office, changing their statistics and offering different approaches to solving problems and staying on top. Each Employee has a special ability that the players can use to their advantage.

On their turn players can play action cards to complete their assignments. Action cards come in the form of Work and rest cards – But the more you work, the more tired you get, making it harder to complete your tasks without resting to recharge.

You also have access to Reaction cards, in the form of Shady and Boss cards. Shady cards are used to interfere with your opponents and get the upper hand – they can let you hand out your assignments to other players, draw additional cards or even copy their work and complete your own assignments outside of your turn. Boss cards offer protection from Shady cards, and can stop your opponents from interfering too much in your work..

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The first player to get rid of or complete all of the Assignments in front of them wins. If you would like to see the rules in more detail, you can download them with the link below.

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